Greeting from the President


Message from the President

As a result of its origins, the JSNP is composed of researchers in neuroscience and psychiatry/neurology and is uniquely positioned to drive change in the field of neuropsychopharmacology through a variety of initiatives and by bridging the translational gap. Disease modeling studies in various modalities, dialogue between basic and clinical researchers to strengthen the link between molecules, circuits, and systems and human phenotypes, and constant interaction between both sides are the essence of the JSNP, which we hope to further deepen.

The JSNP aims to contribute to the advancement of humanity by integrating various types of brain knowledge and promoting biological research on mental, neurological, and other brain disorders. We believe that the field is currently and historically at a major inflection point. It is not a mere coincidence that the exponential progress of various neuroscientific studies, the generation of vast amounts of data from human genomics and medical science, the mapping of diverse phenotypes and the integration of big data through digital technological innovation are emerging at the same time and increasing daily, and that our understanding of the brain, which has been considered extremely difficult, is about to enter a new phase. I believe that we are moving into a new phase in our understanding of the brain, which has until now been considered extremely difficult to understand.

The JSNP is at the core of the development and social implementation of new pharmacological and digital device therapies based on the foundation of neuroscience, and we have a very heavy responsibility to further advance this field toward major changes. To this end, we intend to further develop and strengthen the activities of JSNP. I sincerely hope that we will walk together with you in the progress of this field.

The Japanese Society of Neuropsychopharmacology President